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 Boots is one type of safety shoe that is widely used for various work activities. Generally designed with a high model to cover the wearer's calves. Boots are designed from quality rubber material on the sole and the entire surface of the shoe, so it is not easily penetrated by sharp objects. Rubber on the soles also makes the wearer of this shoe not easy to slip, because the traction with the floor is very strong. Waterproof is the advantage of boots, so these safety shoes are suitable for stepping on flood surfaces, muddy, rocks and so on. Boots must be worn by workers, especially those who jump directly into the field or construction projects.

The price of boots varies depending on the manufacturer's brand, model and size. We, CV Permata Tugu Kaliori are experienced as suppliers and wholesalers of cheap boots in Indonesia. Our products have been widely used for various industrial and construction needs as one of the safety and protective equipment. The soles of the boots are designed from selected rubber with a certain thickness that makes it easy to tear and protect the soles of the feet from sharp objects.
The boots that we provide include:
  - AP Boots
  - Ando Boots
  - Gosave Boots
  - Leopard Boots
  - Toyobo Boots
  - Etc

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