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 Boots are one type of safety shoe that is generally designed with a high model up to the calf, so it is more leverage in protecting the feet. Boots there are many kinds and kinds, one of which is the manufacturer of this Ando Boots. Ando Boots is experienced in designing and developing quality safety shoe products with various advantages. Ando Boots are widely used for various sectors of work. Boots products are designed to protect themselves from the feet, toes, to the calves. Must be worn by workers, especially those who go directly to the field and construction projects. These safety shoes protect the feet from various risks of work accidents such as stepping on sharp objects, slipping due to slippery, stepping on hot objects and so forth.

The price of boots varies depending on the model and size. Designed with rubber material as the main material, which is applied to the sole of the shoe making it sturdy and strong, has excellent traction. In addition, these boots are also given a soft and smooth layer on the inside so they are comfortable to wear even for daily activities.
The advantage of using boots:
- Protect from sharp and dangerous objects.
- Prevents fatal work accidents.
- Make protection from hot objects.
- Protect from harmful chemicals.
- Make users not slip.

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