Gosave Boots

Selling Gosave Boots

 Boots are a type of safety shoe that is widely used for project activities. Workers are required to get personal protective equipment, especially on the feet in the form of safety shoes. There are many types of safety boots, one of which is this Gosave manufacturer. Gosave boots are designed with a high model that is able to protect the calf. Designed from selected rubber material that makes this product sturdy yet flexible. Sharp objects will not easily damage it, especially on shoe soles. Shoe soles get special attention from Gosave, by designing thick, sturdy and hard rubber. This aims to protect the soles of the feet from being exposed to hot objects or sharp objects.

We, CV Permata Tugu Kaliori are experienced as distributors and cheap safety shoes in Indonesia. Our products have been widely used for various industrial sectors, both government agencies, construction companies and contractor services that rely on field workers.
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